Michelle Robinson

Counselling & CBT

Client Testimonials

I found the counselling process with Michelle to be of great value.  It gave me space and time to face and work through issues that were troubling me. – Carol

I contacted Michelle to talk because I was going through a rough time in my marriage after a short time of just 2 years together.  I was worried I was repeating the process of my first marriage fail. I had lost my father the previous year. I had never dealt with the loss.  I also suffer from a lack of confidence and I was hoping the sessions would help me overcome all of this; we are still working through it together.  

Trust for me is something that does not come easily. Michelle has been patient with me throughout this process. She accepts me for who I am and where I am, all my flaws, my darkness and my struggles.

Michelle continued to be non-judgmental, supportive, and caring throughout the few sessions of us working together. Michelle’s confidence in me and her belief that I had some value in the world began to sink in and I have started to believe this for myself.  It has been rare in my life to find someone who believes in me and accept me for all that I am and I feel that I found this in our counselling sessions. Michelle never put pressure on me to be someone I am not and did not press me to be open before I was ready.  I am grateful for all that our counselling sessions has given me. – Michelle

I am very grateful to Michelle for helping me work through my trauma.  I can cope with my past and Michelle helped me work through some very difficult feelings.  I feel like I’ve got my life back. – Richard

I contacted Michelle as I was experiencing one of the most difficult periods of my life, unable to emotionally and mentally cope with a situation that many in my life would have judged me for.  Michelle however made me feel at ease straight away and did not judge me. With each session she listened to my point of view and helped me understand how to move forward and better deal with what I have to face.  Over the past 6 months I have become better at coping with my situation and emotions and continue my sessions with Michelle to help me feel stronger and more in control. I would not hesitate to recommend Michelle and I am thankful for our sessions. – Georgina

Michelle has greatly helped me overcome my anxiety.  She treated me with so much respect and I felt very safe working through my issues with her.  I found CBT very helpful and this has made such a difference to my life. I feel well equipped to handle situations now.  This was the best thing I ever did. Thank you Michelle. – Paul

The only journey is the journey within” – Rainer Maria Rilke